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Adorable level… Too fucking much

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Welcome to “Word Crimes,” Weird Al Yankovic’s “Blurred Lines” parody. I’m into it, y’all. As noted here, “this song is way more fun when it’s taken away from a guy who sounds like a sexual predator and reworked by a grammar nerd.” AGREED. (Also included is dancing punctuation, which is adorable.)

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Things like racism are institutionalized. You might not know any bigots. You feel like “well I don’t hate black people so I’m not a racist,” but you benefit from racism. Just by the merit, the color of your skin. The opportunities that you have, you’re privileged in ways that you might not even realize because you haven’t been deprived of certain things. We need to talk about these things in order for them to change.

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Damn Dave. On point.

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